Welcome to Turnkey Podcast!

We’ll walk you through these milestones to get your podcast launched. To access and download these resources, please click the links below. 

Support Docs for Scheduling and Recording Platforms

After you purchase your equipment, we’ll set a up a meeting to test your equipment and software, including sound checks and proper settings. 

Guest Management

If you’re inviting guests on your show to interview, we’ll go over our guest management strategy with you and show you how to find guests and manage the interview process. We’ll help you figure out what guests you want, how to get them on your show, what questions to ask them, and how to follow up with them before and after episodes air. 

Episode Development/Interviews

(NOTE: Guest Management milestone must be completed first.)

Social Media

Tech to Get Your Show ready for Launch (each topic below is a section within The Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula Course)

  • Edit intro episode

  • Establish accounts for hosting podcast

  • Establish show distribution channels

  • Record intro/outro


[Webinar] How to Use Your Podcast to Turn Your Interviews into Dollars

“Finding Great Podcast Guests to Help Build Your Business and Community” Hosted by Doug Sandler

Get a quick tutorial on how to hook up your Yeti microphone to be prepared for your interviews using Zoom.

Podcast Launch Promo

Interview Techniques

Launch Campaign Specifics

If you are searching for an incredibly powerful scheduling tool, look no further. Acuity is amazing at integrating with Zoom, Stripe, your CRM, your calendar, collecting information, collecting payment and more. To sign up use this link