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Turnkey specializes in launching and producing podcasts.
Since 2017 Turnkey has launched over 250 podcasts, produced thousands of episodes and generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. We work directly with our clients to help connect their podcasts with their market. Turnkey has developed specific strategies to build influence, grow community and make money podcasting. Check out this video, to see how using the strategies that Turnkey teaches has enabled these 4 highly successful podcast hosts to connect their business to their podcast

The Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula


  • Videos, lessons, step-by-step instructions, PDFs, and support links to get your show launched FAST
  • Podcast kits with equipment you will need to get started so you don’t get bogged down in tech
  • Step-by-step instructions for connecting your podcast to Apple, Spotify, Amazon and other top platforms
  • How to title your show to align with your brand and connect with your audience from the get go
  • Using essential keywords in the show description to attract potential listeners and build your SEO right now
  • Winning strategies and tools to create impactful cover art
  • One-on-one coaching, accountability, and support throughout the launch process and beyond

As podcasters and hosts of the widely popular Nice Guys on Business Podcast, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner have created and produced over 1,000 episodes of their podcast, interviewing hundreds of guests from well known celebrities to everyday working heroes. Their show has been downloaded nearly 4 million times and shared millions of times in over 175 countries. Turnkey Podcast Productions leadership team are thought leaders in the podcast space, and they want to help you launch your podcast, build community, grow your influence, and monetize your show too!

Doug and Strick are the perfect pair to bring you professional, award-winning service to help you put your best foot forward. Learn more.

Doug Sandler

Doug Sandler

CEO, On-Air Host & Talent Expert

Strickland Bonner

Strickland Bonner

President and Production Expert


Tom Birchall

Host, The Profitable Maverick

Dom Mamone

Host, People First Then Profit

FREE “Be A Great Guest” Workshop


If you’ve made it to this page, you know the value podcasting brings to your business. Being a guest on other people’s podcasts is a great introduction to the podcasting space and can bring you tons of leads. 10X your chances for getting on today’s top ranked podcasts with the Great Guest Workshop. Learn more. 

3 Fastest Ways to Make Money Podcasting

Are you a passionate podcaster looking to turn your love for audio content into a lucrative venture?
Join JJ Flizanes and me as we unveil the secrets to monetizing your podcast!


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We want to make your life easier for you. The last thing you have time for is trying to figure out how to create and produce one more piece of content…especially something as complicated as a podcast. You are the expert at what you do, and we are the experts at podcasting. We combine your expertise and ours to create a unique tailored podcast that you can use as a marketing tool.



We handle everything and turn over the finished product to you. Our podcast kits and support services are truly turnkey; we can even ship you a professional microphone if you don’t have one so you can sound your best. Technically challenged? It’s ok, we handle everything in a simple, easy-to-understand way. We want you to be able to focus on what you do best, providing products and services to your customers.

“Thanks to Turnkey, my podcast came out of the gate strong and my team and I were able to minimize the learning curve. Ongoing strategy for success!”

Karen Briscoe, Host of 5 Minute Success Podcast

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