Podcaster Pro Tips

Why Your Business Should Have a Podcast

Podcasts have become a really popular form of entertainment in recent years, perhaps due to their on-demand nature, and how they are the perfect audio companion to listen to while you engage in other tasks. Furthermore, a lot of people have gotten into podcasts due to...

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Do I need to tell you what to edit?

This is a common question among our clients and some have gone to great lengths to write out all the edits they want made to their episodes. This is not necessary. Each of our editors go through dozens of episodes each week and have a great ear for what sounds good....

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Startup Selling Podcast

I had the privilege of sitting down with Scott Sambucci from SalesQualia on his Startup Selling Podcast. The podcast is titled “How Kindness Wins You Customers”.  Here’s a highlight of the topics that we covered on the podcast:  ● My Book: Nice Guys Finish...

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Why Do My Show Notes Look Weird?

Every podcast platform and player will read your RSS feed differently. This will cause your description or ‘show notes’ to differ slightly from platform to platform. Many do not enable links, nor do they read advanced formatting like bold,...

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Where to Sell Merch for Your Podcast

Podcasts have risen greatly in popularity in the last decade, covering a range of topics from political affairs, history, true crime, pop culture, and - well, just about everything. Creating a podcast has become a brilliant business decision for professional...

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Six Great Podcast Ideas for a Businesses

Businesses must rethink the way that they engage with their customers and the greater community. Simply operating is no longer enough. You need to showcase your experience, expertise, and approachability. A podcast is a perfect way to do this. To give you some...

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Topics Of Conversation For A Manufacturing Podcast

Starting a podcast for your manufacturing business can be a smart idea, but how can you make this successful? Many business owners love the idea of starting a business podcast, but when it comes down to it, they do not know what they should be talking about and...

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How to Build Your Podcast Listening Figures in 2020

Podcasts finally have their day online. From meager beginnings only ten years ago, podcasts have shot up in popularity in the last decade, thanks in part to large online stores presenting them, and the benefits of podcasts for commuters who have an hour to kill each...

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You’re The Expert.

Your podcast will prove it.

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